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Advisory Board Appointment

The Town of Swansboro welcomes expressions of interest in serving on Town Boards, commissions, and committees. These opportunities for community involvement include, but are not limited to, the following:

Planning and Zoning Board
Historic Preservation Commission
Board of Adjustment
Flood Management Board
Parks and Recreation Board
Special Task Force Groups

If you are interested in serving and are in need of further information please contact the Town Clerk at (910) 326-4428. All appointments to Town Boards, commissions, or committees are made by the Board of Commissioners.

Please fill out all areas of the Talent Bank application and submit to Alissa Fender, Town Clerk. Depending on current vacancies, applications will be scheduled for review by the Board of Commissioners.

Applications can also be turned it at Town Hall or mailed to:

Town of  Swansboro
Attention: Alissa Fender, Town Clerk
601 W. Corbett Avenue
Swansboro, NC 28584

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