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Flood Management Appeal Board


The Flood Management Appeals Board conducts hearings and decides appeals by any aggrieved party from any order, decision, interpretation or other action by the administration of this Flood Prevention Ordinance.  Conducts hearings and decides requests for variances from the terms of the Flood Prevention Ordinance. Create and implement additional procedural rules that are consistent with the letter and spirit of the Ordinance.

The Flood Management Appeals Board consists of four regular members.  Of the three regular members, one shall be a registered land surveyor, one shall be a general contractor, and one shall be either an architect or a professional (preferably) engineer, and each shall be licensed by the State of North Carolina in his/her respective profession.

Meeting Schedule: As called

Members currently serving on the board

Junior Freeman (Vice-Chair)
Brent Lanier
John Freshwater (Chair)
Jonathan McDaniel


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