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What regulations apply within the Historic District?

Projects in the Historic District

Please contact Town Hall before you begin any new exterior project as failure to obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) can result in a zoning violation or double fees. Regulations apply within the Historic District whether your home is considered Contributing or Non-contributing. Additionally, any structural work, trade work (electrical, mechanical, plumbing), or work exceeding $15,000.00 requires a permit issued by the Town.

The Town’s Unified Development Ordinance and Historic Design Guidelines can be viewed here.

The following is not an exhaustive list, but is intended to provided examples of when review is required:

Staff Approval Required

• New gutters/downspouts
• New fences/walls
• Installation of new mechanical equipment
• Painting when there is a change in color consistent with the approved Color Palette
• Installation of signs
• Installation of storm windows

Minor Work Reviews

• New Accessory structures up to 144 sq. ft.
• Addition of awnings, canopies or shutters
• Installation of storm doors
• Significant pruning of trees over 8” in diameter
• Construction of exterior stairs, steps and handrails

Major Work COA

• New Construction or Additions to structures
• Demolition of any structure
• Alteration or Addition of doors or windows
• Removal of trees over 8” in diameter
• Painting when there is a change in color inconsistent with the approved Color Palette

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